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Leadership Advisory

We work with senior leaders spanning the financial services, private equity and professional services sector to identify the future leaders of their organizations. 

Knowing our clients’ business objectives, vision and culture, we work with them to develop strategies to identify and attract leaders not only appropriate for today but who possess the runway to assume increasing levels of responsibility over the medium and long-term.

Executive Market Mapping

It is essential that organizations plan for the future. We work with client companies to develop talent plans that anticipate the skills and attributes that will be required of their leadership teams over the long term.   

We work with businesses to identify potential leadership candidates as they develop expansion and acquisition plans.  We achieve this through detailed analysis of the talent landscape, both within and beyond the home market. This enables us to provide leadership teams with an assessment of the market landscape and the investment required.

Diversity & Inclusion Planning

All future-focused organizations recognize that being a diverse and inclusive employer is critical to their future success.  However, this requires organizations to look beyond the network of its current leaders and recalibrate their existing expectations of what it means to be a “leader”. 

We have built a deep understanding of the diverse talent base across our core sectors and intenionally identify diverse talent that exists outside the traditional skills networks.  This includes talent in adjacent industries, or those that have followed non-traditional career trajectories,  who are often rejected by the skill-matching approach favored by larger firms.

Through our approach we are able to present candidates with a breadth of skills, experience and backgrounds which is unsurpassed by others in our industry.   This has enabled our clients build stronger, more resilient and representative leadership teams across their organizations.

Interim Management

Clients often requires interim management talent – be it to manage a period of transition or support a crisis or change within an organization when a permanent role may be unnecessary or impossible on short notice.

ESGI has a network of experienced executives who have solid experience for interim assignments throughout Asia across a broad spectrum of sectors and functions.

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