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Our approach ensures that we identify leadership talent able to meet the requirements of a specific role, as well as align with the culture of the organization. We build long-term and in-depth relationships with our clients so that we instinctively understand the type of professional that will be the most effective addition to the organization.

Firstly, we develop a complete understanding of their organization, management team, mission strategy and the role at hand. We then create a detailed skills map and identify those individuals that may be suitable for the role.

Every professional is interviewed by the same person that took the initial brief from the client. This ensures that we are able to assess their cultural fit with the organization and that their personal values are aligned with the client organization. We also ensure an in-depth understanding of the “push/pull” factors for the professionals to further hone our assessment, avoiding a late-stage drop out.

Preliminary Consultation

We engage with our clients to understand their company backgrounds, specific business goals, mission, vision and values, alongside the role requirements and any other issues relevant to the assignment. Within this dialogue, we help our clients refine their talent profile.

Position Specification, Strategy and Action Plan

We create a detailed position specification, outlining the nature and responsibilities of the role and all particular skill requirements.

Based on our market intelligence, and our experience with other relevant assignments, we develop and agree on the recruitment strategies with our client – industry, company and geographical coverage – that is most likely to deliver superior candidates.

At this point, we also confirm the timing of all steps required to ensure the client’s needs are met in a timely manner without compromising the quality.

Professional Identification and Review

We develop a comprehensive target list of qualified professionals who align with the client’s organization and have the capability to become strong leaders within the organization. We conduct further in-depth interviews to evaluate these professionals to confirm their potential fit with our clients. A short but highly qualified list of the best professionals, along with detailed background reports, is then presented to the client.

Throughout this process we maintain a continuous dialogue with our clients to inform them of our progress and the provide latest intelligence on the market and talent landscape.

Interviews and Evaluations

Ensuring both the client and the professionals to be considered are fully briefed, ESGI arranges for the parties to meet. Immediately following that, we provide detailed feedback to each side to address any questions or concerns that have been expressed. This provides the basis for agreeing the next step in the process.

Offer Negotiations and Additional Reference Checks

A thorough knowledge of compensation and benefit trends in the client’s industry ensures we serve as a valuable intermediary during the critical offer phase. In addition to facilitating a final offer, ESGI conducts in-depth reference checks. We do not rely solely on the referees provided by the professionals but use our extensive network of executives with whom we have had long relationships to gather further insights.

Feedback and Follow Up

For us, the relationship with both the client and the executive is ongoing. We continue to engage with the relevant parties to ensure a smooth transition so that both the organization and the individual are able to meet the demands of the role and achieve their ambitions.

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