jigsawOUR VALUES...  The Human Capital Market has changed dramatically in the last twenty to thirty years. Due to the explosive growth and development during in China, India and the Middle East, there are many more MNC's competing for the same talent: highly educated, multi-lingual and multi-cultural.

ESGI recognizes that as a result, competition is more intense than ever and there is a greater need to deliver differentiated value to clients and we believe that building relationships that transcend a transaction cycle is essential. Since our founding we have adhered to the following principles:


We are a non-franchised private consultancy dedicated to providing the highest quality of professional service, always observing the utmost discretion and confidentiality.


Committed to individual client interests and needs, we are a flexible and forward-looking organization that clients can rely upon to deliver results that make a significant difference to their business performance.


Our philosophy of mutual cooperation and responsibility builds trust and allows ESGI to freely exchange expertise, information, ideas and contacts with our clients. This style of partnership enables us to successfully complete challenging assignments and provide tailored solutions. Our practice of seeking post-search feedback also helps to foster enduring, positive relationships.